Steel Floor Systems

Eastland Truss & Timber have flooring systems to suit any design

Eastland fabricates and supplies a wide range of steel flooring options:

Steel Floor Trusses

Developed with specialised design software, this steel flooring option is available in both 250mm and 300mm depths.

Eastland’s Floor System incorporates steel webs to create a lightweight floor joist capable of spanning up to 6.7m2. The open profile allows plenty of room for services and wide surface area of the bottom and top chords ensures ease of installation of flooring.

Duragal Flooring Systems

For a cost effective alternative Eastland Truss and Timber supplies the DuraGal Flooring System. The Duragal Flooring System reduces site excavation work, therefore saving money on  site preparation costs, including retaining walls and drainage.

Duragal Flooring System designs have a larger  bearer and joist span, which can significantly reduce the number of pier footings required.

DuraGal Flooring System is a fully engineered steel flooring system developed to provide a termite resistant, economical and easy-to-install alternative to conventional timber bearers & joists.

Spantec Boxspan Flooring Systems

Eastland Truss and Timber is a supplier of the Spantec Boxspan Floor System. The Spantec Boxspan system encorporates members which are  fabricated from a roll formed beam manufactured from two “C” shaped sections of high tensile, zinc coated steel, mechanically locked together with a patented process. The result – a 40-60% lighter beam with the strength of steel and the versatility of timber.