Timber Frames & Trusses

Eastland Truss & Timber

Manufacture and supply both Untreated and T2 Treated Timber Frames

  • Engineered Prefabricated Flooring systems
  • Trusses
  • Decking
  • Posts
  • Timber flooring
Prefabricated Flooring Systems
  • Cost effective alternative to onsite frame and truss construction
  • Fabricated to Australian Standards
  • Manufactured with non-corrosive to nails and fixing plates
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Manufactured with renewable resources
  • Reduction in time and cost of building
  • Flooring systems are delivered to site complete with layout and assembly instructions
  • Options and range of new generation / high performance Timber Flooring Systems
  • Product options – A wide range of Laminated Veneer Lumber(LVL), 17C, 18C, 21C, LGL, Smart Joists and Lam beams are available through Eastland Truss and Timber
  • Timber Flooring Systems are designed and engineered and certified
Timber Trusses

The Benefits

Eastland Truss & Timber’s roof trusses are designed and manufactured using MITEK systems to ensure compliance to BCA and AS 1720 and AS 4440.

Eastland Truss and Timber manufactures trusses using non-toxic termite protected Hyne T2 Blue Pine Timber.    

Timber Wall Frames

The Benefits

  • Eastland Truss & Timber frames -designed and manufactured to AS 1684
  •  Frames are designed to withstand structural loads and wind loading
  •  Eastland timber frames are manufactured using non-toxic termite-protected Hyne T2 Blue Pine Timber.
Loose T2 & T3 Treated Pine

Eastland Truss & Timber supply loose and packs quantities of:

  • T2 termite treated internal timber
  • T3 external and above ground timber.
Eastland Truss & Timber sizes starting from 70 x 35 to 240 x 45