Steel Frames & Trusses

Truecore Steel Frames & Trusses

Eastland Truss & Timber are fabricators of Truecore Steel frames, trusses and flooring systems.

Our team of in house Detailers and Estimators can create any project to suit your requirements through specialised steel design/engineering software. The software allows for the specific design and product requirements involving roll-form techniques and unique fastener system.

The system ensures that every member and connection point of your frames and trusses is engineered to the specifications of the design.

The Truecore products we use are all 100% recyclable and steel is made from 30% recycled steel.


100% Termite, Borer & Dry Rot Proof

People are more conscious than ever of the threat posed by termites & borers to their homes. It’s a simple fact termites & borers cannot eat steel. Steel frames allow you to build major termite management into the building, rather than add it on. No need to worry whether your home is under attack in areas you cannot see. No swelling or rot from damp timber.

Cost-Effective Quality

Steel framed homes provide both long-term peace of mind and cost savings. Callbacks are reduced and your reputation enhanced through a quality product because steel frames and trusses are precision built with no shrinkage or warping. The product will remain straight & true for the life of the home. It is also non combustable so will not burn (AS 1530.1)

Steel framing is not only strong it is lightweight, having the ability to span greater distances between load bearing walls.
Eastland’s steel designs help builders and owners alike identify potential construction issues during the design stage, saving costs later. Builders will also save with minimal site modifications, thanks to the versatility of steel for unusually shaped land or sloping sites.

Fast & Easy

Although steel frames require different techniques, they are quick and easy to erect.
Steel frames are lightweight and easy to handle. Time is not lost sorting through pieces and there is no need to straighten the framework onsite.
No wall bracing onsite is required as this is pre-built into the frames, as well as service holes for plumbing & electrical. With stronger fixing and brackets less manual screw work is needed.
Because of steel’s consistent strength and compliance with strict standards, every stud is a good stud, greatly reducing material wastage.